Coach Certification Program

Certification Level Duration of Certification Certification Components
 Level 1 Lifetime 

General Orientation Protective Behaviors 

 Level 2  4 Years
  1. Current General Session Certification
  2. Approved Sport- Specific Volunteer Coach Training
    a. Classroom Session
    b. Session with Clinician
    c. Session with Special Olympics Athletes  
 Level 3  4 Years
  1. Current Level 2 Certification
  2. Continuing education through one of the following:
    a. Principles of Coaching
    b. Games Management
    c. Coaching Special Olympics Athletes
    d. Unified Sports Courses
    e. Tactics Course – offered through SOLA
    f. Sports Specific Rules Course
    g. Red Cross First Aid/CPR Course
    h. General Session Train-the-Instructor training
    i. Conflict Management
    j. American Sign Language
    k. SOI Risk Management Course
    l. Becoming a certified official in an SOI sport
    m. Attendance at a state or national sanctioned coaches training/workshop in the same sport
    n. Designed workshops offered at the SOLA Leadership Conference
  3. Completion of a written exam on the rules of the sport in which you are currently Level 2 Certified
 Level 4  Lifetime SOLA Coach Mentoring Program
  1. Current Level 2 Certification
  2. Current Principles of Coaching Certification
  3. Coach Mentoring Workshop
    1. Continuing education credit for the SOLA coach certification program may be obtained through course work taken to fulfill continuing education requirements of a coaches current position as a teacher, social services worker, etc. However, to fulfill the continuing education component of the SOLA Coach Certification Program, the coursework must be previewed and approved by the Sports Education Associate prior to the completion of the course.

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