Coach's Requirements

If you are interested in becoming a Coach, you must register with us and contact your Area Team Leader to see what's involved in becoming a Certified Coach!

Coach's Responsibilities
Coach's responsibilities apply to training, competition, and any other Special Olympics activities at the local, parish, area, state, regional, national, and world levels. All of the items apply to coaches. Area and local programs may have additional responsibilities, which can be obtained from your Area or Parish Director. View Coaches Handbook.

Coach's Aid: Coaching Special Olympics Athletes

The online Protective Behaviors training is required for all Coaches and Class A Volunteers.

A Background Investigation is required for all Coaches and Class A Volunteers. 

Coach Knowledge/Training

  1. Coaches should be thoroughly familiar with these coach's responsibilities and all information in your Coaches Information Guide and Coaches Handbook for each state event. 
  2.  Coaches must be officially certified by SOLA to attend a State event in the capacity of coach. Coaches should refer to the certification guidelines  and the coach to athlete ratio within these guidelines. 
  3. Coaches shall be knowledgeable of all existing Special Olympics and International Governing Body competition rules and regulations and prepare their athletes prior to competition in accordance with those rules.

Coaches Responsibilities to Athletes

  1. Coaches shall ensure that athletes compete in events within their sport which challenge their potential and are appropriate to their ability.
  2. Coaches shall be honest and instruct athletes to compete with maximum effort in all preliminary trials and/or finals or he/she shall be prohibited from coaching by the sports specific rules committee at the competition.
  3. Team Coaches shall ensure that athletes of all ability levels on a team participate in every game.
  4. One coach per sport, school, group home, agency, etc., should attend all scheduled coaches meetings, while providing ample supervision of athletes. 

Concussion Training

The Concussion Policy is a recent policy adopted by Special Olympics that requires all coaches in a Special Olympics Program to take the training course. The policy is based upon the safety and well-being of our athletes and to ensure that our coaches are aware of concussions and how to handle a situation if one arises. There are two different courses that are available to take. A coach only needs to take ONE of the courses. Here are the links and some information about the two courses.

  • Option 1: The Center for Disease Control's Heads-Up Concussion in Youth Sports training course, which is available at Certificate of completion must be submitted to our State Office. The best way to do this is to make a copy of your printed certificate and either mail it to Special Olympics Louisiana (1000 E Morris Ave, Hammond, LA 70403)  or fax it to 985-345-6649. Or you can scan and email the certificate to This course takes around 30 minutes and is the shorter course.
  • Option 2: National Federation of State High School Associations Concussion in Sports training course which is available at (Many State Athletic Associations require their high school coaches to complete this course.) This option is a little more lengthy in time but after completion, we will get an automatic submittal of the completion of the course so the coach would not need to send a certificate over to us. 

NOTE: These responsibilities may be updated periodically as needed. Please check with your Area Team Leader or the state office to see if you have the most current revision and for other information mentioned which may not appear in your Coaches Information Guide.

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