Special Olympics Athlete Leadership Program empowers athletes to explore opportunities for greater participation in our movement beyond sports training and competition: as coaches, officials, spokespeople, and Board and committee members. Athlete leaders are an integral part of the Special Olympics Movement and help Special Olympics leaders stay in touch with athletes' interests. This way we can ensure that our programs remain vital and attractive to the people we serve.

Other ALP initiatives:

  • Athletes on Program Boards of Directors
  • Athletes on Games Evaluation Teams
  • Global Messenger
  • Athlete Congress or Input Councils
  • Athletes as Volunteers
  • Athletes employed by Special Olympics
  • Athletes as contributors to newsletters and Web sites
  • Athlete Leadership Council
  • Power of One Campaign

Athlete Leadership Council

The Athlete Leadership Council is made up of athletes from all of Louisiana. Council meetings provide a forum for athletes to report to other athletes what is happening in their areas, voice their opinions about important issues and gain leadership training and experience.

Current Athlete Leadership Council members are: 

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