STRIVE is a health assessment and educational program designed to assess Special Olympics athletes’ sport skills and provide them with nutritional information.

STRIVE is a program developed by Special Olympics to track and improve athlete health and quality of life. STRIVE is designed to be set up at a Special Olympics event, but is also suitable for use in a school or group setting.  

Athletes go through a series of nutrition and sport skills stations.  The nutrition stations are educational, focusing on the concept of a balanced plate. Athletes interactively learn about the different food groups, the functions of the food groups, and practice making balanced plates.

The sport skill stations test seven basic sport skills: aerobic endurance, balance, coordination, flexibility, power, strength, and speed/agility.  The station results will be used to help each athlete discover their strongest skills, skills for them to improve, and additional Special Olympics sports to try.

STRIVE is formally known as T.R.A.I.N. or FIT (Fitness Improvement Training). To learn more about this program, contact us.

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